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JFK: Impossible timings

Richard Charnin's Blog

JFK: Impossible timings

Richard Charnin
Jan.21, 2015

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Reclaiming Science:The JFK Conspiracy

I. Oswald Superman: Descends unseen from the 6th floor to the 2nd in 75 seconds

Oswald told Will Fritz of the Dallas PD that he was “out with Bill Shelley in front” of the TSBD. The Fritz notes were not mentioned by the Warren Commission and were hidden from the public until 1997.

If Oswald was lying to Fritz, what was his motive? After all, he already had an alibi: he was seen on the second floor 90 seconds after the shooting by TSBD manager Roy Truly and policeman Marion Baker. He was holding a coke and not out of breath. If Oswald was not on the 6th floor, why would he not be out front watching the motorcade? And how would he know Bill Shelley was out in front unless…

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Charlie Hebdo’s & North Dakota’s Logos

Just a comment about the issue of the Sioux logo. Has it occurred to anyone how the recent Charlie Hebdo incident relates to the issue of the Sioux logo. What we saw over the last 20 yrs was an indictment by the PC community of the Sioux name & logo as an affront to the civil rights of Native Americans. These same PC groups seemingly have no problem standing up for free speech when it comes to defending the cartoonists @ Charlie Hebdo. Here we have cartoonists, whose origin is the Paris Student Movement of 1968, thinking it is OK to mock a religious figure through its publication’s cartoons. Here in the U.S. & North Dakota the same people, who defend & motivate the NCAA to bully UND et al, will defend the more egregious treatment Charlie Hebdo exhibited in their depiction of Mohammed as a cartoon. How hypocritical is that? Here we have at UND an image & name used as a positive nickname, even endorsed by many Natives, getting indicted by the PC crowd as disrespectful & those same critics sticking up for free speech when a cartoon @ Hebdo, doing just the opposite, is used to stand up for free speech. Does anyone else see the contradiction here? For me this proves that the real underlying motivation by PCers is that the contention by them that the Sioux logo is disrespectful because it trivializes the Dakota people’s history is more about the PC crowds minimization of “sport” as a worthy activity than it is about caring for the integrity of the Dakota people. These same critics will glorify ancient Greek culture & “sport” as the prime example of high culture when in fact the goal in ancient Greek water polo was to drown your opponent.  For today’s PCer modern “sport”, that doesn’t believe in killing an opponent, doesn’t rate as a worthy cultural activity that can reflect a culture by using its sacred image, i.e., the Sioux name and logo.

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